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25 | 05 | 2024 || 17:30 Lech Poznań vs Korona Kielce
local_parkingPARKING C
*Dates with time 00:00 are only approximate as the exact schedules for the approaching games are yet to be announced by the league and will be updated in the nearest future.
Lech Premium Gold

GOLD Premium Zone is the highest standard available to our supporters during Match Day.

The Gold Zone guests are given access to the VIP parking and a designated entrance to the stadium.

In addition, the fans are welcomed with a drink as they enter the Gold Zone on a red carpet which leads into an exclusive, luxurious space.

A wide culinary variety will satisfy every guest, whether they prefer meat, vegetarian meals, a light salad, or something sweet and a coffee or tea. Unlimited cold and warm drinks, as well as beer and wine, are included in the package. The catering is available to the guests throughout the opening times.

Moreover, the guests can enjoy their time in the Gold Zone relaxing and making conversations by the cocktail tables whilst listening to live music.

The Zones are opened 1.5h before the kick-off time and you can stay at the stadium until up to 2h after the game finishes – which means over 5h of exhilarating football

The Gold Zone guests have access to a designated entrance to the stands and highest-quality leather seats with the best possible view on the pitch.

Full Ticket
Child Ticket (4-12yo)
GOLD TICKET 778 zł 389 zł add_shopping_cart
Ceny brutto. Prices may change.

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What’s in the GOLD package?

local_bar Welcome drink
local_dining Diverse catering – including dinner menu
local_drink Free unlimited alcohol – beer and wine
event_seat The best seating – comfortable leather seats with a great view on the pitch
airline_seat_recline_extra Cocktail tables to enjoy a meal
music_noteLive music
face Children Corner for the youngest fans
stars A chance to meet players and club management
meeting_room Designated VIP entrance
directions_car Free parking spot voucher

All essential information, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about the Premium Zones, can be found HERE.

Lech Premium Silver

SILVER Premium Zone is a perfect place for fans who are looking to spend their evening at the stadium in a relaxed atmosphere. The Zone resembles a football pub – unlimited beer and snacks are some of its highlights. It’s a great place for weekly meetings with your friends, as well as birthday celebrations, stag dos, or other parties.

In the Silver Zone, you will encounter former Lech Poznan players who are always eager to share their memories from the pitch.

The Zones are opened 1.5h before the kick-off time and you can stay at the stadium until up to 2h after the game finishes – which means over 5h of exhilarating football.

One of the main highlights of the Silver Zone are the seats located in the corner of stands no. III & II, it is the only zone that offers a panoramic view of the pitch, which guarantee a perfect view on the pitch..

Full Ticket
Child Ticket
SILVER TICKET 250 zł 175 zł add_shopping_cart
Ceny brutto. Prices may change.

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What’s in the SILVER package?

local_drink Unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer
local_pizza Various meat and vegetarian dishes, soup and side dishes
person_pin Seats located in the corner of stands no. III & II
meeting_room Designated VIP entrance
directions_car Parking spot voucher
local_bar Posibility to purchase other alcohol at the bar

We hope to see you in the Premium Zones soon! The following information will help you make the most out of your visit to the stadium. If you have any questions that you can’t find answers to below, please don’t hesitate to contact our Hospitality team – phone no.: 602 644 551 or email premium@lechpoznan.pl

  • help_outlineHow can I purchase a Premium Zone ticket?
    You can purchase a Premium Zone ticket in three different ways::
    1. Online at www.bilety.lechpoznan.pl or using the Lech Bilety mobile app - this method applies to SILVER and GOLD tickets only. BUSINESS LOUNGE tickets can only be purchased via email or phone (see below for details).
    2. Email: premium@lechpoznan.pl
    3. Call: 602 644 551.
  • help_outlineDo I have to provide my Personal Identity Number (PESEL)?
    There is a possibility to purchase non-personalized tickets for the Premium Zone – it’s the best choice if you’re planning on giving the tickets to, e.g. your clients. To get non-personalized tickets, you have to pick a match and seats online, and in the next step, select a red icon that enables you to proceed without providing personal details. However, you must provide information about the recipients of the tickets later on – you ought to do so no later than on Match Day by premium@lechpoznan.pl
  • help_outlineDo I have to have a Fan Card to purchase a Premium Zone ticket?
    No, the Premium Zone tickets can be purchased for a single match only, depending on the availability. The purchased tickets can then be printed at home, stored on the phone, or opened using the Lech Bilety mobile app.
  • help_outlineCan I pick a seat or will I have one assigned automatically?
    You start the purchase process by picking a seat on the stands. If you decide to buy a ticket through the phone, a seat will be assigned to you automatically.
  • help_outlineHow much does a ticket for a child cost?
    0-3 year-olds enter the stadium for free, whereas 4-12 year-olds must buy "Child Ticket".
  • help_outlineCan I purchase a Premium Zone ticket for more than one match, e.g. for the whole season or a few games?
    The tickets can be purchased for any number of matches, no matter which Zone you pick (also applies to the Premium Boxes). However, availability may vary
  • help_outlineCan I give my ticket to someone else?
    Yes, you can. If you decide to do so, please contact us by calling 602 644 551 or emailing premium@lechpoznan.pl
  • help_outlineDo you have to be an entrepreneur or own a business to use the Premium Zones?
    No, individuals can also use the Premium Zones. In such a case, the person will receive a receipt as opposed to an invoice.
  • help_outlineIs alcohol being served in the Premium Zones?
    Yes, all Premium Zones offer unlimited beer. In addition, GOLD and BUSINESS LOUNGE Zones offer unlimited wine. Liquors are also available. If you would like to make a special request, please contact us by calling 602 644 551 or emailing premium@lechpoznan.pl – we will do our best to make your wishes come true.
  • help_outlineCar, TAXI, Bus, Motorbike - how can I get to the stadium?

    From the center:

    Stadium is 4 km away from the center. The easiest way to take is to turn into Grunwaldzka street and travel straight. When you reach the crossroad with Bułgarska street, turn right.

    From the highway:

    The A2 highway is 8 km away from Stadium. Use "Komorniki" exit and drive in the direction of the center (Głogowska street). After 5,5 km turn left into Ściegiennego street which later turns into Jugosłowiańska street. Go straight, pass the crossroad with Grunwaldzka street and you will see the stadium on the left.

    From the airport:

    The airport is 4,5 km away from Stadium. In order to get to the match, turn left into Bukowska street and drive in the direction of the center for 2,7 km. On the crossroad with Bułgarska street turn right and travel straight for 1,8 km. You will see the stadium on your right.


    In order to get to the stadium by taxi, ask the driver to take you to Stadium which is located at 17 Bułgarska Street.

  • help_outlineVIP Parking
    All Premium Zone guests have access to VIP parking, however, the availability of parking spots can vary from match to match.

    If you would like to request parking access, you need to purchase a parking spot online at bilety.lechpoznan.pl. Parking is only available to GOLD and SILVER guests. In order to get a parking spot, use the code that you received along with the Premium Zone ticket that you purchased.

    How do I download my parking pass? Together with your GOLD or SILVER ticket, you will receive a voucher that enables you to redeem one parking spot. In order to get your parking pass, go to the ticket website and – depending on which type of ticket you purchased – choose parking E GOLD or C SILVER and enter the voucher code.

    IMPORTANT: you will find your voucher code in the details of your ticket transaction. The number of parking spaces is limited. The voucher code itself is not a parking pass.

    Parking passes become available around 2 weeks before the match.

    Lech Premium Gold
  • help_outlineOpening times of Premium Zones
    All Premium Zones are opened 1.5h before the match and 2h after the final whistle.
  • help_outlineWhich entrance should I use?
    Directions to the designated entrance can be found online or on your ticket. In addition, stewards located around the stadium will be more than happy to direct you to the right entrance.
  • help_outlineWhen are meals being served?
    Meals are being served throughout the opening times, i.e. 1.5h before to 2h after the match.
  • help_outlineWhere is my seat?
    The exact location of your seat depends on the type of ticket you purchased. The seat number and sector can be found on your ticket.
  • help_outlineIs there anywhere I can store luggage/large bags?
    During the match, no luggage is allowed in the stadium, only small handbags. All fans who have luggage on them during the match can use the free luggage storage facility which is located at the till no. 1. The storage facility opens 1.5h before the match and closes 30 minutes after the final whistle, hence make sure to pick your luggage in time.
  • help_outlineCan I bring my children to the Premium Zones?
    Yes, of course! If you’re using GOLD Zones or SKYBOXES, your children will have a designated corner with video games and an animator. In accordance with safety rules, all guardians who visit the Premium Zones with children are forbidden to consume alcohol.
  • help_outlineDress code – what should I wear?
    There is no mandatory dress code. We suggest casual business attire or club colors.
  • help_outlineSmoking policy
    Every zone has a designated smoking area.
  • help_outlineCan I leave the stadium for a moment and then re-enter?
    Unfortunately, for safety reasons, if you decide to leave the stadium, you won’t be allowed to re-enter. However, you can walk freely between your Zone and the stands.
  • help_outlineCan I invite guests who support the away team?
    Yes, of course you can.
  • help_outlineCan I receive a VAT invoice for my purchases??

    Yes, of course you can.

    You can request an invoice when purchasing a ticket. In order to do so, mark the option ‘I want to receive an invoice’ and provide all the necessary information. The invoice will be available after the purchase has been completed.

    To download your invoice, follow these steps: log into your account-> select ‘transaction details’-> open the invoice. If you didn’t request an invoice when making your purchase but would nonetheless like to receive one, follow the outlined steps and select the option ‘generate an invoice’. After providing all the necessary information, the invoice will appear in the details of the transaction.