FAQ - questions and answers

Your account

  • help_outlineHow to create an account?
    Step 1.

    On the website bilety.lechpoznan.pl press the button Create account

    Step 2.

    Enter your Identifier (PESEL or passport/other ID number if you do not have polish PESEL number)

    Step 3.

    Fill in all the gaps with correct personal data, as: name, E-mail address and password. Tick the checkbox below (with red star) which is User Agreement to proceed.

    Step 4.

    Activate your account via link sent on your e-mail.

  • help_outlineHow to log in?
    Step 1.

    Press the button ‘Login’ in the upper right corner of the website bilety.lechpoznan.pl.

    Step 2.

    Enter the E-mail address that you have used for registration before and your password. Then press the button ‘Login’

  • help_outlineHow to change the password?
    Step 1.

    After logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page. Choose ‘Your account’ from the menu.

    Step 2.

    Press the blue button ‘Options’ on the right side and ‘Change password’.

    Step 3.

    Write down your current password and then the new password and confirm it. Then use the button ‘Save’. You have changed your password successfully. Use the new one, while logging in next time.

Buying the tickets

  • help_outlineHow to buy tickets online?
    Step 1.

    Log in to your account on the website bilety.lechpoznan.pl or go straight to step two, to continue without registering.

    Step 2.

    Choose the event that you’re interested in.

    Step 3.

    Choose the stand and the sector from map of the stadium.

    Step 4.

    Choose the seats that you want to take.

    Step 5.

    Enter your Identifier. If you want to buy more than one ticket, it is necessary to use another Identifier to each ticket. If your friend haven’t registered yet, you can do it now: enter his/her Identifier and press the button ‘Fill data user’ with his/her name, last name. Click checkbox ‘Foreigner’ if the Identifier is any other ID number than PESEL.

    Step 6.

    Choose the proper price type:

    • ‘Normalny’/'Full Ticket' if you’re an adult
    • ‘Ulgowy’/'Reduced Ticket' if you’re a teenager between 13y.o and 18y.o. or student up to 26y.o. (the studentship declaration must be checked) or if you’re 65y.o. or older. This price type is also for women, under condition that in the transaction is the price type ‘Dziecko’/'Reduced Ticket'
    • or ‘Dziecko’/'Child Ticket' if you’re a child between 5y.o. and 13y.o.

    Then choose the delivery type:

    • ‘Member card Internet’ if you have received your own Lech Poznań Member Card
    • or ‘Ticket Internet’ if you don’t have a member card. In this case, the tickets will be available to download and print or to send to your smartphone after finalizing the transaction. If you have any voucher, you can use it with the button ‘Use promo code’. If it’s not working, check if you have the User Agreements accepted on your account.
    Step 7.

    Go to summary by pressing the blue button below. Select the method of payment – credit card or e-payment via PayU.

  • help_outlineHow to buy tickets without registering?
    Step 1.

    On the website bilety.lechpoznan.pl choose the event and stand, area and seat (or seats if you want to buy more than 1 ticket) from the map of the stadium. Enter the personal data of every person that is going to cheer Lech Poznań (ID number, name and surname). If the person doesn’t have Polish PESEL number, it might be necessary to use checkbox “Foreginer” when you will be inserting the name and surname. Fans who don’t have Lech Poznań Member Card yet are asked to use “Ticket Internet” button and download their tickets after finalizing transaction.

    Step 2.

    After entering the personal data, go to summary by using blue button below. Accept user agreement and submit.

    Step 3.

    In this step you can log in or continue as a guest. If you don’t have an account, please enter your name, surname and E-mail address. Please, make sure that you wrote the proper and actual E-mail address, because ticket system will send your individual link to download tickets to this e-mail. Click “Next” to go to the payment.

    WARNING! Downloading the tickets via received e-mail is the only way to get your tickets. Please, make sure that you enter proper address without any mistake and you are able to log in to this e-mail box.

    Step 4.

    It is needed to pay your order via e-payment system PayU or the credit card data within 15 minutes. Otherwise the reservation will expire and you will have to start buying process from the beginning, including choosing places and inserting personal data.

    Buying the tickets without registering won’t be possible before some most popular games, so we encourage to register on the website to have an unlimited access to the tickets.

  • help_outlineHow to order the Member Card with postal delivery?
    Step 1.

    After logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page. Choose ‘Your account’ from the menu.

    Step 2.

    Press the blue button ‘Order card’ or ‘Order new card’ if you had the Member Card before, but it got lost.

    Step 3.

    Fill in the shipment data with your address. Go to summary via button with the cart below.

    Step 4.

    Check if the data is correct. Press the submit button. Choose the method of payment – credit card or e-payment via PayU.

  • help_outlineHow to use a voucher?

    If you have any voucher, you can reduce price of the ticket in your cart. After entering the personal data, press the button ‘Use promo code’ right under the price type. Write down the code. If the user has any personal vouchers added to his account, the list of them is available below. To use the voucher, please accept User Agreement on your account.

  • help_outlineWhat are opening hours of the ticket office on the stadium?

    The ticket office located in fan store Stacja Kolejorz is open: Monday – Friday 9:00am. – 7:00pm. and Saturday 10:00am. - 3:00pm. Ticket office in fan store Stacja Kolejorz is closed on match-days!

    Ticket offices #2 and #3 (under the stairs from Bułgarska street) is open only on match-days, 10:00am. - half time.

  • help_outlineAre there any official sellers apart Poznań?

    List of all official sellers and their addresses is availablehere

  • help_outlineIs it possible to buy the tickets via smartphone?

    Yes, it is. To buy the ticket via smartphone, download our mobile app LECH biletyand follow the directions.

  • help_outlineI would like to give somebody a surprise-gift. Is there any special offer for me?

    Yes, there is. In our offer we have gift cards, available values: 50PLN, 100PLN and 200PLN.

Entering the stadium and the Member Card

  • help_outlineI don’t have the Member Card. How can I enter the stadium?

    Having the Member Card is not demanded to enter the stadium. While buying the ticket on our website, you can select the delivery type ‘Ticket Internet’ and download ticket on your smartphone or print it at home.

  • help_outlineI am a foreigner and I don’t have the PESEL. How can I buy the ticket?

    While signing up on the website bilety.lechpoznan.pl, use your passport number or any other ID number as the Identifier. Providing identifier is demanded according to polish law: every mass event attendant need to bring an ID to the event.

  • help_outlineI have lost my Member Card. What should I do to enter the stadium?

    You can order the duplicate copy online via bilety.lechpoznan.pl or at the ticket office. When you get the duplicate copy, the previous one is not valid anymore so if anyone will find it, couldn’t make a use of it. Duplicate copy costs 10 PLN or 20PLN it depends on kind of delivery.

  • help_outlineI have ordered the Member Card with postal delivery and already bought a ticket on it, but I didn’t received it yet. How can I enter the stadium?

    In this situation, you can get your ticket printed, in the ticket offices #2 or #3, which are under boardwalk of Czapczyka stand. Ticket offices are opens about 2 hours before the game and stays ready to help you during the first half. Remember to tak an ID with you so we can confirm your identity.

  • help_outlineIs it possible to order the Member Card in ticket office right before the match?

    Considering the queues, ticket offices finish printing the Member Cards about 2 hours before match.

  • help_outlineDoes it mean there is no possibility to buy a ticket without the Member Card an hour before game?

    Ticket offices #2 and #3 sell tickets up to half time even if you don’t have the Member Card. You can get paper-ticket and enter the stadium with it. Remember that we still need your ID number to sell you the ticket.

  • help_outlineMy Member Card passed its expiry date. Should I order the new one?

    The date put on some Member Cards concerns their expiry date as a credit card. If you don’t use the Member Card as your credit card, there is no need to make duplicate copy. The stadium functions of your card are endless.

  • help_outlineHow much the Member Card costs?

    The first Member Card is completely free under condition that you order it, while buying a ticket to the game. Otherwise, it costs 10PLN.

  • help_outlineI am coming to the stadium with an extra luggage. Is there any place, where I can leave it during the match?

    The left-luggage office for fans with an extra luggage which they can’t carry on the stadium is free and you can find it at ticket office #3 on the corner of Czapczyka stand and Białasa stand. It is open from 2 hours before the game to 15 minutes after the game

  • help_outlineI am going to a match by car. Is there any parking for fans in the area of stadium?

    Our parking for passenger cars is located on Ptasia Street near to Anioły Stand. Parking fee is 15PLN. Season ticket holders can buy parking tickets for 8 PLN.

Types of discounts

  • help_outlineAm I entitled to any discounts during current season?

    There are many discounts available this season:

    1. 50% discount for children up to 13y.o. (price type ‘Dziecko’/'Child Ticket'),

    2. 20% discount for students between 13y.o. and 26y.o. (price type ‘Ulgowy’/'Reduced Ticket')

    3. 20% discount for seniors 65y.o. and above (price type ‘Ulgowy’/'Reduced Ticket')

    It’s worth to remember that children up to 5y.o. can enter the stadium for free, don’t need to have the Member Card or even ticket, they cross the gate with a parent and have to seat on parent’s knees.

  • help_outlineI am a student, but when I choose ‘Ulgowy’/'Reduced Ticket' price type, the error appears. How can I buy student ticket?

    To activate your student discount, please tick studentship declaration available in the checkout. If you don't have a PESEL number, send us a date birth via bok.lechpoznan.pl.

  • help_outlineI would like to buy season ticket and as I see, I have more than one voucher available on my account. How can I use them to buy season ticket?

    Generally, to buy a product (e.g. season ticket) you can use only one voucher. In some cases, it is possible to add up the value of more than one voucher. To get more information, please contact us via bok.lechpoznan.pl.

Special tickets

  • help_outlineI am disabled person, is it possible to me to watch a game on the stadium?

    Lech Bez Barier is a special program for disabled fans. Those of them, who have considerable disability, can watch a game from stands on Bułgarska Street for free. Details how to join Lech Bez Barier are available here >>>

  • help_outlineAs a company, we would like to buy greater amount of season tickets, can we get any special offer?

    Yes, but the quantity of discount depends on number of ordered season tickets. To get more information, please contact us individually via bok.lechpoznan.pl

  • help_outlineI would like to arrange a trip for a group of children to the Lech Poznań match, who can I contact with?

    Lech Poznań has special offer for groups of ten or more children. To get more information, please contact us individually via bok.lechpoznan.pl

Tickets and season tickets

  • help_outlineMistakenly I chose the wrong seat while I was buying the ticket. Can I change my seat?

    Possibility of changing the seat is reserved only for season ticket owners. Generally there is no option to change seat on bought one-game-ticket, but in some cases, especially when there left many free places on the stadium, we try to satisfy fans’ needs and consider their claims. Please, contact us individually via bok.lechpoznan.pl.

  • help_outlineI have already bought a ticket, but unfortunately I cannot participate in match. Can I return the ticket?

    According to terms that you have accepted while buying the ticket, returning the ticket is not possible.

  • help_outlineI have already bought a ticket, but unfortunately I cannot participate in match. Can I hand the ticket over to someone else?

    This option is reserved only for season ticket owners. If you have one-game-ticket, you cannot give it to another person, because the ticket is valid only for the one, whos Identifier and name is written on the ticket or the Member Card.

  • help_outlineI sent a claim/ I asked a question via bok.lechpoznan.pl yesterday, and still haven’t got the answer. When can I expect receiving the answer?

    To consider a claim/ Answering a question can take maximum 14 days, but we do everything we can to answer as soon as it is possible. Awaiting time depends on amount of claims that we receive, but average time is about 2 days.

  • help_outlineI have bought the season ticket with delivery type „Ticket Internet”, but I want to have my tickets on my Member Card. Can I change the delivery type?

    Unfortunately no, you cannot. Once chosen delivery type is not changeable.

  • help_outlineI am the season ticket owner, but I want to change my place of seat during one match. Can I do it?

    Yes, of course. The instructions that may be helpful are here.

  • help_outlineCan I buy a season ticket in installments?

    Yes, you can, but only if you want to buy it online. E-payment system PayU provides a possibility to arrange the loan into installments when total value is 300PLN or more. After being redirected to PayU website, choose the method of payment “Raty PayU”, then decide into how many monthly installments would you like to split the total cost of season ticket. This method of buying the season ticket, provides you all the benefits it contains.

  • help_outlineCan I buy the season ticket, if I don’t have the Member Card?

    Since 2015 it is not necessary to have the Member Card to buy the season ticket. Even if you don’t have your Member Card, you can become season ticket owner using the “Ticket Internet” delivery type. Particular tickets will show up on your Internet account and will be ready to download about 3 weeks before every match – right after we get know the exact date of the meeting.